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Go there early. One of my most favourite subjects is to paint the cloud reflections in the shallow water areas. The reason: because...
And an organized palette! Sometimes all parts work together like magic and you can really capture a sunlit morning view, with those...
That hurdle MUST be crossed. Often a moment is SO pretty, the fear of ‘not being able to paint that’ will be there matching...

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Join us from the comfort of home! I do a LIVE OIL PAINTING DEMO with you and you can Paint Along if you want to and chat, ask questions, get feedback while we paint. Recording you'll get afterward too.


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I fumbled in Painting for many years. Therefore I know this to be True: Painting Is Not A Skill You're "Just Born With", but Practice & Deliberate Effort Is The Door To Mastery.
A Lot of Artists Give up Way Too Soon. Mastery Will Be Your Reward For Sticking With It!


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