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LIVE Demos - Paint Alongs Sept/Oct: LIGHT EFFECTS & Seascape!
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Weekends On The Beach
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Changes It can clear as fast as it can turn rainy at the beach.Here such a beautiful day. Nobody swimming as it was painted in cold...
Opportunities Here I share about the Seascapes I created in cold Spring first, Summer ones after. It was so good to be back. The first...
Balance. We drove for so long, it almost cost half my gas tank to return again here, one of the views early in the drive. Often I can see...
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Join us Sept 13 or Oct 4

Join us from the comfort of home! I do a LIVE OIL PAINTING DEMO with you and you can Paint Along if you want to and chat, ask questions, get feedback while we paint. Recording you'll get afterward too. Theme: Light Effects & Seascape.


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I fumbled in Painting for many years. Therefore I know this to be True: Painting Is Not A Skill You're "Just Born With", but Practice & Deliberate Effort Is The Door To Mastery.
A Lot of Artists Give up Way Too Soon. Mastery Will Be Your Reward For Sticking With It!


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