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Start - Project 'Finding Beauty Daily'

daily painting Dec 31, 2022
December 31/2022 - Happy New Year!

I decided to start 'Daily Painting' on January 1 - 2023.
I hope that 'Little Things That Matter', this/my daily-paintings-project inspires you to paint more (often) also, and that you'll paint with renewed passion too!

I can already see it improving my life (edited on January 4).
And you can just test it out. 

You can do it for a month, or until Spring starts, or longer, we'll see!

Daily Painting has many benefits

The world today (as it's presented via the screen) looks a lot like a bad clown-show, and when you're sensitive (as most artists are) your defence could be (probably is) the creation of art itself.

Can you return (focus your attention) to all that's still good? Nature, your garden, your home, your art?

And thus this project was born to drag me back into What Really Matters. 

Painting is a lot like meditation. The activity of painting can get you out 'of the funk'.
Also, self-implied discipline can set you 'free'. Because there are always reasons NOT to paint. Once doing it, you'll feel better. So motivate yourself with a project you create for yourself!

You are free to set (your) parameters. I'll be painting daily 4 times a week. Mon-Thurs. That leaves just enough time to keep up with all other todos.

Enjoy these 'Little Things That Matter' (Daily Paintings) here!


What will be your project for January 2023?
Taxes? NO-ho-ho!
Do something worthwhile! Even if it's just 'on the side'.

You can create a happy & productive life.

Happy 2023!

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