Narcissus in Backlight

Colors of Morning Light. 

Back at the ol' place.

Because of C⚡Vid I avoided the back garden, it's just too crowded now. Too much noise.

But I found a day, early hours when there was hardly anyone out. Better!
Again, the same light I used a year before. Strong backlight.
This painting took 2 days to finish.
Because when midday-light hits, the floral set-up can be 180 degrees different, ugly even. LIGHT is oh so important. Doing this for a number of years, you'll get more sensitive to the 'right light'.

→When you continue too long in 'degrading light' the painting can go down with it. Better stop to finish in the same circumstances the next day!

FL10-2020 Floral Painting '2 Narcissus in Morning Light'
Roos Schuring, oils/panel, 20.3 x 25.4 cm | 8" x 10" (available)
Find Florals for Sale here:

Here I started at around 9:45 AM.
Going into it for 2 or 3 hours it's such different light.
Found this most apparent when I started the next day at the same time.
I was thinking: "No wonder I couldn't finish on Day 1". It was just so different at noon, compared to 'my first idea' = that first sight!


Those purples and blues do fit well with the yellows.  


Currently, you can still join this Challenge, watch videos and be motivated to paint!

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