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Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
Plein air painting, Images & Videos, Enjoy!

New Moon

One week after the new moon.

At the end of painting this it was pitch dark. I couldn't see the colors on the painting anymore, nor the mixes on the palette. 

On this beach there were no restaurants, nothing, we were the last ones there.
A little bit uneasy. But it turned out to be a great painting.
And the last strokes were checked with the light from the phone.

94. SSU27-2023 Seascape Moonset
20x25 cm | 8x10" - Oils/Panel | Roos Schuring 2023
These affordable smaller paintings are placed in my small paintings shop here

TIP: There are head=lamps with led lights in, these can come in handy for more nocturne painting in wintertime. I tested one and it does work. The only downside is 'glare' and the color of the lights, cool.
But you would always want to start with enough natural light to create all your mixes before you paint.


"Take the black off of the moon."
The moon is often set in a negative light. Don't believe it.
(Trust your own eyes & feelings)
(Or) If you need proof: plants LOVE the moon(light). After a good moon~shine plants can look/be twice bigger.
We all NEED the sun & moon.
And they need your respect.

In fact, I think earth, sun, moon is the holy trinity. Three aspects of the same.
There is so much nobody really knows for a fact.

And it doesn't matter to know, does it? Keep an open mind.

Just PAINT their BEAUTY.









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