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Big White Crocus

Painting That Big White Crocus!

This crocus has a wonderful origin story to it.
I was in my car moving slow, slower than footsteps, going home after the class on the beach, in a traffic jam, looking at a field next to the car. Crocuses caught my eye, they were so big, so white.

The full 24 hours after all I could think about was this crocus. That one big open crocus nearest to me. Singing in light blue and white. The middle part in such dark cadmium.

Then the weekend came and I got the family together to drive to that same field. Did I pick that special 1 biggest one? I think I did. And here it is.

It's apparent 'love' (or fascination) can play such a major role in painting.

FL01-2018 Floral Painting 'White Crocus'

Roos Schuring, gouache/panel, 20.3 x 25.4 cm | 8" x 10" (sold)
Find Florals for Sale here:

Painted in gouache, here's the set-up and palette

Colors- gouache, and a bit of acrylics

2 blues, 2 greens, orange, dark cad. yellow, regular yellow, brown, dark purple, ochre, grey, white


This painting session was recorded and placed in my Floral Course.
Find its contents here.

I started with blue and purplish backgrounds, and ended up much warmer:

Often I'll change the background just as long as it takes, sometimes tedious, until it feels 'just right'.


Currently, you can still join this Challenge, watch videos and be motivated to paint!

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