Painting Sweet Peas - Lathyrus in Light


A present from a friend, these Lathyrus (sweet peas). They sell these by the side of the road. Pretty!

And not an easy flower to paint. It took 2 mornings to get right.

These days I can more easily put it away to finish it the next day. We tend to get tired or just 'blind' to what we create after a few hours.
It's good to proceed with fresh eyes.

This one is singing from light. Great when this happens. I deliberately had put a few dark ones in.
You probably also need morning light for this. Or evening light. You know which one is better if you've been reading here :)

FL08-2020 Floral Painting 'Lathyrus in Light'
Roos Schuring, oils/panel, 20.3 x 25.4 cm | 8" x 10" (available)
Find Florals for Sale here:

 The light can be so bright, it can almost hurt your eyes.

I do like to view my painting in shade, so you can make a shade situation. Either with an umbrella, or just by blocking the light on the painting. I had put a box behind the painting so the light didn't shine on it. Because when it does, it will be harder to see those slight nuances of color you apply.



Currently, you can still join this Challenge, watch videos and be motivated to paint!

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