Red Rose Gouache

Watercolor Effects.

A watercolorish painting, yet dark.

This is gouache like the previous one but different. I don't have a scene-pic belonging to this one, unfortunately.

I do find, making a background be dark, yet 'colorful' is easier in gouache. But it's harder to make reds be bright.

Thin gouache on a light colored or white surface will deliver the brightest variation of a red. So you'll need to calculate this in from the start, just like in watercolor. Whereas with oils you can add a bright red at any time in the painting process.

After this one, I decided to start painting the (red) flowers in oils again. Posted next.

FL07-2018 Floral Painting 'Red Rose'

Roos Schuring, gouache/panel, 20.3 x 25.4 cm | 8" x 10" (available)
Find Florals for Sale here:

Here you can get an idea of the size.


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