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Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
Plein air painting, Images & Videos, Enjoy!

What a Beautiful Morning

Pink Morning Light.

I like this painting because it really captured the early morning pinks and light. When I look at this painting and I want to write something meaningful for you, my readers, it would be about integration.

An integrated color spectrum

Often this is the final stage in getting better paintings. When you can have an integrated color spectrum throughout the full painting, you'll find a higher result in the harmony experience of a painting.

[To explain more: it's seeing each painting as a world on its own: the color effects of each part in the landscape have been created by the same light source: the same influence of the color of the light. : Here the pink glow of morning light, combined with the warm blue tints of the morning makes the sand area also warmer. It's not something you'll need to learn by head, but it's why you can't always take similar colors for sand, sky, water, clouds. When you get the individual parts 'right' the painting as a whole feels like a world on its own and as a color harmony. The painting won't be a sum of parts - it will be a unified scene.]

An outdoor painter will become aware of this power of color gradually. Because most can't start there, I for sure couldn't, but as you progress, in the time you paint, study why some paintings work so strongly, you'll often find this full applied color effect happening. The secret sauce.

SSU05-2019 Seascape Plein air Painting 'Morning Waters'

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The Color of the Light

It's of course very logical that nature shows these integrated color palettes. The Color of the Light touches everything in the landscape.

Yet, as a painter it's a lot to comprehend 'at once', being there. That's why you'll master this over time. And then still, it can slide through your fingers. But it's good to think about it the next time you witness your landscape standing there, ask yourself "What this color of the light is" and how it affects the colors individually. Then if you can find this 'red thread', see if you can incorporate it from the start into your color mixes.


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