Chasing The Light - Just Before Heavy Rain

Get that speed in!

I remember frantically driving to a nearby village to capture this great morning view, and on the freeway I knew to make a U-turn as fast as possible, seeing the dark approaching and witnessing this massive light effect.

I turned drove to a B-way, parked, set up the easel, started painting.

Sometimes you need to catch it. Then there's no more time to get to a favourite spot. So I could start and finish in time for the inevitable massive rainstorm that followed!

LSU07-2014 Landscape Roos Schuring 'Chasing the Golden Light just before heavy Rain',
oil on canvas, 24x30 cm | 9.6" x 11.8" 2014 | sold / Find Landscapes for Sale here:

An umbrella can keep the painting dry for a while. You'll get wet and you'll need to shake the rain from the palette, on and off. Painting in the rain is not easy but it's doable.

So if you can't finish in time before the rain starts, use the umbrella or finish the painting at home. This is often a tad more difficult, this is why you need to be fast, and always have an umbrella and duct tape in your car/with your gear.


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