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Cows & Ponderings / TIPS

Movement & Solutions.

I started the day with a demo, and this painting was then started.

The most common question is always "How do you paint MOVING cows?"

TIPS - By placing cows, it’s best to paint them one by one, while at the same time you have an idea about the total composition. It does not have to be a 'fixed-all-clear' idea, but you need to have an idea about where the horizon goes. And how big you want a near cow. What you want to have in.

- After placing one or more:

I often scrape away cows that maybe look good (or not) but are placed wrong. So yes, it’s a process. Testing cow placement: it needs to 'look' correct, in perspective (size/place), but also in the overall composition, size/place/color.

You can scrape, replace, make smaller, make bigger, move some a bit. So it's wisest to keep them somewhat 'abstract' until you KNOW you have a good composition 'base'.

"And what happens when they walk away?"

When the cows leave to walk all the way back, you just hope they’ll come back. And often they do.
You can then focus on all that isn't 'disappearing', the grass, water and sky, for example.

You'll find your way in this, the more often you practice, the better you can sketch their shape, with paint of pencil, the more you'll understand their shape, color, lights, shadows.

Start simple.

107. LA03-2023 Landscape Cows Composition in Light and Shadow
24x30 cm | 9.6x11.8" - Oils/Panel | Roos Schuring 2023
These midsize paintings are placed in my 'regular' paintings shop here



 Of course, it doesn't always work out, and for me that's the same.

You might go home with nothing. Then, just remember, a day painted = a day learnt (either way)
And we always HAVE tomorrow to do it again, to start fresh, and to put what we've learnt into practice.

The key to success = to always try again

To persist you do need to believe in yourself.

So, do that!




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