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Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
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Springish in Autumn

Green grass needs warms.

We were painting on a dyke, I and artists who joined me for the ‘in the field class’. (See pics below.)

The day started sunny, pretty, warm colors in the sky.

When the light effects increased with the grey clouds coming in, the horizon became very dark, on and off. Then: it’s up to you to incorporate these effects, yes or no.

I often just change it as a test. If I like it it will stay. If not I change it back to ‘normal’.

[Previous to the change I had a very nice soft colored horizon line, and it was 'all done', but it's good to sacrifice 'perfect' parts JUST TO SEE what happens when you pick another option. It's therefore that we cannot overly 'ATTACH' to the parts we paint. We need to be free enough to scrape away, to replace. Moving with time. Moving With the changes. --- WHY? To get surprising end-results, to learn new things, to experiment, to literally paint the moment. Having the moment and its changes supporting you and your efforts. So, the horizon became an opposite one, a very dark one and because of this the light from the clouds seem brighter, also in the reflection.]

TIP: You can see how meadow gets to be in a good color balance when you also add a lot of warms in the reddish/brown/yellow/pink range. I think large areas of green can often use these colors.
And if you look closer: you’ll SEE those colors in the earth shining through the grass, in the pink grasses, in the yellow pink reeds.

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