Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
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Difficult Puddles?

Painting Essence (and not: Exact Shapes)

Grey days do not invite you. :) haha. Like sunny days do.

It’s good to be at the beach: rain or shine. How else would you find these glorious grey effects?
I know cold. I have been rained on so many times. It’s awful. But it IS probably the price for great (and different!) paintings.

The puddles are often daunting for artists who come and paint here. But I always say "Just make a pattern and never mind the ACTUAL EXACT shapes."

Because, you'll lose precious time when wanting to 'detail exactly': still being able to see THE TOTAL you must make the most of it, and hurry. To get a total effect in.
Plus, wanting it all exact: it will bog you down and suppress the 'loose' strokes.

(Example of the shallow puddles in the morning.)

Sure, the actual shapes inspire and offer you color solutions, like in "What's the shade side of a shape, how does it move, in what angle do I see them, where are these shapes darkest, lightest, most saturated, how do they contrast to the water next to it and near to far? .." 

SA02-2020 Seascape Pleinair 'Puddles Grey Colors - Light on the Ocean'

oil on canvas, 24x30 cm | 9.6" x 11.8" - available
Find Seascapes for Sale:


Hurry hurry hurry - Changing tides will make you faster!


Finding Essence is a huge part of outdoor painting. You might like my book 'PleinairMastery'. Find this book and its contents in an overview here:

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