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Hale Rain & Sun, but Cows!

Not easy.

This one was tough. We started in the morning, and soon it became a hale-sunshine-hale/rain-sunshine play, continuously, taking the umbrella, and getting hosed, shivering because of this 'abuse', but yes, you know what i always say: the painting comes first, AND it's worth it. 

You CAN be happy, feeling in your zone, even under these circumstances. Happy you're out. Seeing beauty, enjoying great clouds, and feeling the elements. That's, THAT's the beauty of plein air.

62. LSP06-2023 Rain and Sun Clouds Cows
24x30 cm | 9.6x11.8" - Oils/Panel | Roos Schuring 2023

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Sometimes you 'just set-up' and there is 'nothing to see' (as the cows were wandering off) and then you do start with land or sky. Here I started with the one thing that would be gone (or would change) most quickly: the clouds.

Start with 'the thing' that's A) most important to get on and is B) changing quickest.

The 'thing that carries the painting' is probably also something you should put all your fresh energy in, and at your start you are most fresh. The further in the more tired (and!) the more 'fearful' you become. 

It's worth repeating what I wrote in a previous post:

Rain and sun, but that's the beauty of using oils, the paint is unaffected (unless you'll have to start the painting in moist/rain, then the paint won't stick.

Work fast when it's about to rain: cover the total canvas in oil paint (doesn't matter which color: it's about getting the fatty layer on BEFORE the water gets in). When that's done you can keep painting in it, even with drops coming in. Yes the umbrella helps too. (keeping the canvas 'dry', but the palette needs shaking off.)







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