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Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
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Impression Summer Beach

An endless Summer.

During these weeks and subject you can't get enough of it and you do think it will all last and last. But it never does :) So I only have about 9 paintings about this summer's beach and I think I'll have to try to create more (now end Aug) because it's so rare (the subject is absent 97% of the year here.)

When the cold, winds, clouds, rain moves in, they'll leave their blankets at home and go strolling again. So different than the packed colorful views, where there are less walkers about (!) and so you Also have more peace 'amidst the chaos' (as a painter).
The 'walkers' are usually more interrupting than 'bikini people' ever are.

This Summer I focussed a lot on sunsets and though you can 'do' both (daytime + sunset) in one day: I don't: too tiring. It still is 'work'. Good work, yes. The best work in the world: yes.

73. SSU04-2023 Seascape Impression Summer Beach
20x25 cm | 8x10" - Oils/Panel | Roos Schuring 2023
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(Turned the easel against the light to avoid the glare for the pic.)


 I teach in video about Painting Summer Seascapes. About how to get sky, sand, ocean be 'summerish' colorwise, about placing figures in, the parasols and much more. You can find ►Painting Summer Seascapes here.

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