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Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
Plein air painting, Images & Videos, Enjoy!

Universal Impressions

Light and Movement.

Here a painting with the title 'Bright Day, Light and Movement'. You might have seen it before but I hadn't blogged about it, so here it is with the scene pics and palette too.

I think it's good to let paintings speak for themselves. I think it's almost never important where a painting was created, it's more about how the painting resonates with the viewer, and later the collector.

Often people see their own beach or even their own lake in my seascapes from home. And that's totally fine.

Important landmarks, ugly buildings, local details I do not so much care about in my paintings.

It's more about color and light, the essence of a moment, I let my fascination for the beauty of nature decide what to include or paint. Of course, I also choose my beach locations to not have some ugly hotels in them, to have the best view, the nicest far away views.

SW08-2019 Seascape Plein air Painting 'Seascape Bright Day, Light and Movement'

Roos Schuring, oil on canvas, 24 × 30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ Sold / Find Seascapes for Sale here:

It's different everywhere. Even the sand color differs here in Holland beach place to beach place.

When you're painting in the shoreline the place you're at doesn't matter so much anymore, you can't see it. Of course, a shoreline here or in California delivers different paintings. In Holland and looking out on the North Sea you'll often see two wave lines. You'll see a wide area of shallow water. I love this about our beaches.

This painting works because the light effect covers the ocean, sky, and sand as a whole.

So it's important to first -see how these 3 relate - then try to paint it having this relationship in light and color. A wonderful painting I think.

Join us for a great in-person class at the beach - 3 Days Seascaping with Roos Schuring More info is here:

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