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Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
Plein air painting, Images & Videos, Enjoy!

Just ‘go with it’

Values, Hue Shifts, Levels.

Even when it’s grey outside: go out and paint.
It will toss great aspects into your painting game.

You can start such a sky with a complete darker value than you’re used to.
Can give great effects to just ‘go with it’ and experiment with it.

I could have made more light effects. A lit line of grass. You can see I did include this in the 5th cow painting which I’ll blog about next.

If you’re taking pictures with your phone after you’ve finished your painting and you’re looking at those photos later, often I do get disappointed with how the painting looks. (But it’s your phone doing that!)
A phone cannot work with mid-values well. It makes harsh contrasts. It makes dark greens, dark browns, dark anything just into a black/blue. A real shame. So, a better camera (PLUS!) a lot of levelling afterwards is needed to create a photo that compares to the real painting.

Tiny value shifts is what makes a painting great. The blue channel in (phone & camera) pictures needs to be lowered, these things. Yellows let back in. Reds need shifting. I will make a tutorial on this soon. (And one that does Not need photoshop/ is using free software.)

Hugs hugs!

LSU04-2021 Landscape Pleinair Roos Schuring 'Enjoying A Grey Day'
oil on canvas, 24x30 cm | 9.6" x 11.8" Sold / Find Landscapes and Seascapes for Sale here:



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