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Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
Plein air painting, Images & Videos, Enjoy!

Moon Light & Sun Light

Jin Yang Moon!

Sun and moon together color this painting.

Here below I have a close up of the moon that I saw. Actually after painting it, I saw that pattern. Jin Yang (in Dutch spelling) clearly visible.

The sun colors the sky, but the light here is the moon. Colouring the landscape just dark enough for it to be a nocturne. (haha!) 

Interesting to paint the twilight!

If you know 'Godgevlamste' channel on Youtube you'll know about his theories about the moon being a reflection of our home, earth.

Though 'the full earth' being 1000x bigger, and we're just on a tiny speck. A very interesting theory. Explaining the other 'planets' being closer than we think. And it would also indicate DUALITY being the rule of nature - everywhere here.
(Open your mind. There's more than Wiki's explanations ;) So true. Liberate your mind with other options that what is 'shoved through' by education and other streams!)

Liberation is important. Would you want to be liberated in painting?
Can one choose to liberate him/herself? 

The 'will' is probably the second step, the first step being 'seeing the option/choice'.

And perhaps that's my role here: showing that there is 'freedom'. Outside of 'the rules'. That there is freedom in 'choice'. To 'paint by your own rules'. To live 'by your own rules'. To think 'by your own rules'. 
And in this my guiding light is searching for truth. Navigating by truth. What you feel is right. What you think and feel that's good. Unattached by outer 'rules'. Following nature's rules.

SA07-2021 Seascape Pleinair 'Moon And Lights From The Pier - Morning'
oil on canvas, 24x30 cm | 9.6" x 11.8" - Available
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If you like to watch Painting Demos and Videos:
I teach online about painting Seascapes in ► Seascape Beginner that's here and a course more specific about Summer seascapes, figures and parasols is this one: ►Painting Summer Seascapes find this here.

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