Painting Cows on a Sunny Day

Painting Cows on a Sunny Day.

Wow, this year I fell in love with Cows in Sun. Unlike cows in awful weather. Which I painted a lot in previous years.

Now the sun was in such a way I could see its dark yellow and pink shine. There are just a few sunny days per season when this happens (here in Holland). It's not cold light, but a very warm light in the middle of the day. Wow.

The scene pic below shows this warm reddish dark sunny light. I think you can find these moments often at the end of a period of hot days, just before the weather will change that evening or the next day.

LSP17-2016 Landscape Pleinair Painting 'Sunny Day Cows Resting'
oil on canvas, 24x30 cm | 9.6" x 11.8" 2016 (sold) Find Landscapes for Sale here:

It's so important to realize: only if you go often enough, if you stick to a subject long enough you'll get a few paintings that have these special circumstances and special outcomes. So to 'get lucky', you'll need to create the circumstances to be able to receive it.🍀
Will get off of that soapbox now, but you know what I mean!


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