Painting Lit Waves

Happy Spring Everybody!


I Celebrate the Season of Spring and the Return of the Clouds and Cows!

When you're just starting to paint the landscape out of doors, first you'll be fussing with the gear, the distractions.

Then when you master this, it's mostly about developing the skill to 'mix' what you see. The colors that you see.

Third it will be about Light.

You'll be able to catch the moment of a particular 'Light situation'. On and off, you'll find these, paint these. Then you'll celebrate!

Because that's the best part.
Fascinating results!

Seascape Winter 05 'Lit Waves'

SW05-2015 | 24x30 cm | 9.6" x 11.8" - sold Find Seascapes for Sale here:


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A Painting course for beginner Seascape painters and -beginner outdoor- Seascape painters.
Find it here.

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