Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
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Painting the Sky


When I studied Graphic Design a long time ago, during a 'low moment' in class in tears I said: "I just want to paint the Sky".

Being at the Art Academy I looked into combining the Painting class with the Graphic class but the schedules didn't allow for it to do both. \

The initial study paid off. Later it allowed me to build websites and all kinds of paper design, and different digital programs were much easier to learn, having this base foundation, but also glad I ended up a full-time Painter anyway, as I wanted to be ever since I was a little kid. : )

Painting the Sky

Painting the sky can be so energizing, exhilarating, full of good tension. Of course, when done outdoors this mostly applies. Being there in the moment and seeing everything, the awesomeness of nature and chasing the light, the moments. Recommended.

SSU25-2018 Seascape Plein air Painting 'Beam of Sunshine Through Clouds'

Roos Schuring, oil on canvas, 24 × 30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ Available / Find Seascapes for Sale here:

I think any landscape painter who is painting skies should paint them standing there eye to eye with the clouds.

Because we can talk about the joy of painting, the joy of the process, but when we're talking about the joy of getting great lively, real-feeling end-results, painting clouds outdoors is I think your best option.

It will benefit your clouds a lot! The fiddling with clouds I see painters do, in working from photos, it's just Not delivering the Same results. So there you go.

Yes, the end-result matters too :) We cannot pretend it doesn't. Everyone wants better and better results for him/herself. ■ So, get the easel 1) and 2) go outside.

Of course, I don't want to offend anyone who is working from photos! I started there too.

■ But if you'd ask me, here's a photo of a sky, now make a great painting of it: I couldn't do it!  I'd hate my 'fake looseness'.

I would have to drink 1/3 bottle of Vodka if I wanted to get the same result. Well, that's maybe pointing you in the direction. It's not so much a statement about what's better, ■ the loose results are a natural result of the state you're in when painting outdoors.

And of course, a few painters CAN create great looking skies indoors with the use of photos, studies, really knowing the colors, they can avoid the fiddling well. But it's an exception to the rule. You'll see. So yes, I love outdoor painting, ■ I know nature's energy can touch me directly. I know this is beneficial for my end-results.

I did create a lot of paintings from photos, portraits, landscapes, commissions. But I got tired of it. I felt like a human copier machine. So I did quit these things. If you feel the same: stop the activities that don't feed your soul and don't sweat the 'loss of income'. By closing that door, a window will open. You'll create paintings that you love. That will carry you. You'll make your income that way.

If you are curious about this and all topics related to outdoor painting, you'll like my book 'PleinairMastery'. Find this book here:

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