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Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
Plein air painting, Images & Videos, Enjoy!

Hosed But Beautiful


About choices & fame.

The video from this scene I added to the How-to Seascape Course
(The snippets you see here are my Instagram video posts.)
I like to keep the longer videos and real teaching for the courses. It’s a choice, I chose to ‘sell the knowledge and have it behind a paywall’ and you could probably get similar revenue from videos when you’d just put everything out for free on youtube and live of ad-revenue.
But that would make you dependent on youtube, yes. And do you want that. Because when something happens to YT you’ve built on ‘rented land’.
And if you’re getting shadow- banned there, well, then YT won’t show your videos as much, stopping the growth.

Yes, it’s always a search. And you can find middle-ways, spreading parts wide, video, photo, your webpages, even articles in paper magazines can help. Yes, I’ve been ‘in the business’ for so long now, I don’t care about “fame” anymore. Newspaper photos, attention, articles, interviews, the older I get the least I’m interested. Time is short, and loads to do. I rather do ‘my own thing’ and I like working on all parts of it. If you’re reading this and you’re young: don’t waste time thinking ‘an article’ is important, a photo, interview it’s NOT important at all.
'Getting discovered' = a lie (!)
Do you want 'strings attached'? Be careful.
Instead: Making sure people see your art can be created by YOU.
And growth comes from your own efforts I think. And dependency needs to be taken out of the equation (!) Fame is fakery. Believe that. Don’t be a ‘dummy’ chasing the shallow gold.. it won’t make you happy, neither proud. What will: your work, your efforts, your full life. Plus family, plus food-growing garden, your connection to LIFE itself.

152. SW06-2024 Cloud Spectacle Coastline and Boat 20x29 cm | 8x11.5" Oils/Panel | Roos Schuring 2024
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