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Rainy Day Gift


Magic in Nature.

On social I wrote: "It truly is a gift when you HOPE to see something glorious after a grey and rainy evening. Getting it, it’s always a big surprise and gift.

Do we influence a moment? : ) Maybe. Nature is miraculous."

And I can understand it can make you 'sick', all that 'wow, wow talk', but in this case it truly was magical how I stirred the painting towards its finale, and how nature came in sync with that after and not the other way around. That IS magic. That will touch your soul. (If it happens to you.)
Or it means we can somehow look into the future, perhaps via the 'intuitive action' which outdoor painting often is. Anyways, good to share this with you. I bet the outdoor 'bravehearts' have similar stories!

79. SSU18-2023 Seascape Rainy Day Gift
20x25 cm | 8x10" - Oils/Panel | Roos Schuring 2023
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