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Striped Parasols - Stand Together

Stand Together.

Here's to the crowded scenes of busy beaches. Our beaches are open thank God.
For now, because,

It doesn't mean our leaders have our best interest at heart. Oh no. Slowly but surely all kinds of crazy (EU & W H O!) laws are pushed through. Unbelievable wicked (worldwide!) systems play a part here. Most of us were (and some still are) made so afraid for C-vid. It's been proven that the media lies about it all. The grip of fear is a real one.
Later, all people in the world will see how this Cvid was less dangerous than its Mexican flu cousin from 2018. 

In the future, when all people will finally believe this, they'll know they have been played. You might have suffered depression for no good reason. (!!) (And this might be the least of all major problems that came of these wicked decisions.)

The media and newspapers tinkering with messaging. It's so bad. If only Karma was instant.

I wish you well, wether you believe 'it' all or not. We are all victims. We should work together and stand together. It will be the only way to win this. Eyes open.

If only people would try to find other sources for news. For now, this is the major problem. News and newspapers spitting out propaganda and undermining everything resembling truth. Yes. That is the truth. I warned you. (Hate me now, thank me later.)

That's the serious side.

Back to this painting.
Clearly the red and white parasol plays the main part here. Dark sand works well. It's saturated. It's sunny.
Here below the palette and scene!

Talking about painting alone can feel so shallow. Yes, crisis. Whether we want it or not. It does something to us.

SSU05-2020 Seascape Pleinair Roos Schuring 'Striped Parasol - Crowded Beaches'
oil on canvas, 24x30 cm | 9.6" x 11.8" Available / Find Seascapes for Sale here:


Close-up. Those striped parasols, it takes up a bit too much time, but it's fun painting these!


Get inspired with my video teaching about Seascapes, you can find ►Seascape Beginner here and ►Painting Summer Seascapes is here.

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