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Sunset - Line of Light - Light Effects


The vertical way that light influences all.

With my sunset class on the beach. I demo-ed most starts and then we painted what we found. Of course, a couple of hours before sunset the sun is higher up, more white, yellow and if you really want to paint the red sun it's perhaps better to start as late as it is possible to 'cover the canvas' because all elements will change dramatically, from a blue ocean to perhaps a light pastel colored one.
And the sand, from ochres to bluer, darker, the sky won't have its reds, purples and blues starting early. And the clouds are way more contrasting the later you start.

It's then the choice, do you set up early to bring the painting into those changes: adding the reds with time, or do you first focus on a yellow higher sun, and keep that, instead of changing the painting with time?

Or do you paint two? Can you simplify to just create 'color notes'?

Those were some of the things the artists in my class found.

Also: the need for warms is something they could take away from this experience. And how the warms need to be brought in from the start: to end warm.

It might also help to start a bit smaller than you're used to. Because this subject needs speedy painting, speedy decisions. Quick adjustments and big enough brushes, knife.


This painting is underlining the warm phase with a bright sun. The highlighted edges of light colored clouds. The vertical way that light influences all.

87.SSU20-2023 Seascape Sunset Line of Light - Light Effects
20x25 cm | 8x10" - Oils/Panel | Roos Schuring 2023
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Such beauty!








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