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Orange Light.

When it’s ‘white out’ you should not let any (painting) moment go to waste.

Especially when a white landscape is a rarity.

A red sun, long shadows in blue, that’s a great combination with snow.


It’s not always clear where I want to go, so I drove and just stopped here to view. I painted here before, but different light, results in different ideas.

The tree coloring all orange, enough to plant the easel FAST, and start.

134. LW06-2024 Bright Morning Colors and Snow 20x29 cm | 8x11.5" - Oils/Panel | Roos Schuring 2024
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Here a huge contrast in everything, a sunny saturated scene in the morning with of course the camera unable to show the orange light like we can see it with our eyes. And when finished, it started to snow and it was all overcast, dull and grey.

Capture the moment!


Enjoy the low price for this bigger size. (These new paintings are all placed in the daily shop for convenience.)



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