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Tourists & Chaos

What to do with distractions?

I went back around the same time of day, wanting to paint the blue shadows again.
This time it was absolutely crazy, tourists kept arriving at a parking spot, people walking past me, behind me, families, dogs, chaos. I made a peaceful work! Haha.

Yes, 'folks' I am the-most-used-to-masses-while-painting because we live in a crowded country AND here the people are just the most bold and 'rude' compared to a California beach. (True!) There they all ask to stand near you or to photograph you.
Here they just say "you're in the public space so you have nothing to say". (True!)

But the best thing is to let it. And to not get distracted. To not turn around. To not really communicate. I often see no faces at all even when there are 20 peeps behind me watching. Yes, common place on a Summer beach. You'll learn to work WITH it.
The painting counts. A small price.

Have you noticed that your best paintings always had 1 element strongly troubling you?
Rain, hale, mosquitoes, storm, people, peeing dogs, deadline, gear, disappearing subjects... : ) 


52. Bulb Field White and Shadow
20x25 cm | 8x10" - Oils/Panel | Roos Schuring 2023
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