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Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
Plein air painting, Images & Videos, Enjoy!


Windmill Sky and Moon - Morning Twilight

Dec 24, 2014

Getting there in time: it really was Step 1 in this series of sun paintings.

I could get up at 5.30 because I made use of a jet lag coming home...

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Plein air Painting is the Key to Better (Landscape) Painting

Dec 22, 2014
The best thing about Plein Air Painting: 

It's the constant surprise + 'truth' in the end result. Even when you'll have to paint from...

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Painting A Morning View and Mirror Usage

Dec 17, 2014

I Avoid to Look & and Mirror Usage Explained

I love this painting. The keys just right I think. (Hard to get the tiny differences in value...

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Painting Sunrise and Windmill

Dec 13, 2014

Photographing Art.

When this one was sold I could hardly ship it. Because ever so often you will get a painting that you can't photograph properly....

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Chasing The Light - Just Before Heavy Rain

Dec 11, 2014

Get that speed in!

I remember frantically driving to a nearby village to capture this great morning view, and on the freeway I knew to make a...

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Painting Cows - A bit of the Morning Gold

Dec 09, 2014


Today I was thinking how weird it is that even though I must have seen the pink and yellow clouds in the morning let's say for 40...

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Cows and Scape Integrated

Dec 07, 2014

A Painting with Cows.

Often a painting succeeds when you can incorporate a similar brushstroke for the full painting.

Sometimes people will create...

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Cows at my favorite spot

Nov 30, 2014

Cows at my favorite spot.

When I search for my cow-subject I usually drive to about 5 places where they Could be... Because you just never know.


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Cows In The Morning

Nov 29, 2014

Fixations are a Godsend for a Painter.


I love the days when I know what I want to paint and I know where to go to and paint it.



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How to Paint Night Scenes - Nocturnes

Nov 28, 2014

How to Paint Night Scenes | How I paint a night view:

When you want to paint a night view outdoors you might want to:
  • - Premix your darks...
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