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Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
Plein air painting, Images & Videos, Enjoy!


Windmill and Cows in the Morning

Jan 16, 2016

In the Morning.

A few days ago I had another try at a great red morning sky and I tried a bigger size. While I was setting up ready to go a...

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Painting Cows near a Windmill

Dec 23, 2015

Painting Cows near a Windmill.

- Cows Move!

Cows move, but painting cows in movement will make sure you don't end up with 'dead' shapes. I've...

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A Peaceful Beach & Natural Colors

Dec 09, 2015

Natural Tones.

Here I decided to not get the bright colored seawater in, instead, I was aiming for a more natural total.

SSU23-2015 Seascape...

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Golden Light in the Evening

Dec 06, 2015

Evening Water Colors.

Here I worked fast to get that swift-moving evening light in. All of these fractions of warm colors towards the left, shade...

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Everything Moves

Dec 04, 2015

Water, Afternoon Light, and Shades of Trees.

Movement of light, figures, waves, or anything, and painting it from life:
I think whenever you...

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Turquoise Water and Light Moves

Dec 03, 2015

Light Moves.

Everything moves, the people, the light, the water, waves, the colors, shades. I love this about painting pleinair.

Don't fear it....

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Horse Carriage into the Sunlight

Nov 01, 2015

Strong Backlight in the Afternoon.

Fascinating and hard to paint that afternoon harsh backlight.
But a pleasure when it works out!

Also I like the...

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Seascape Shoreline and Backlight

Oct 04, 2015

Shoreline and Backlight in Summer.

Proud of this one. When my kids would be on this one, I wouldn't have sold it :-)

When I paint these 'pastel'...

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Seascape Parasols

Oct 01, 2015

Seascape 'Colorful Beach and Parasols'.

It seems again far away, the heat of Summer. Yet I have still more beauties to share with you from this...

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Seascape Summer Beach

Sep 17, 2015

Seascape 'Summer Beach - Lazy Peaceful Afternoon'

I love this one because of the red and blue umbrella, the pink one creating the orange shadow,...

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