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Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
Plein air painting, Images & Videos, Enjoy!


Winter's Day Morning

Apr 14, 2015

The snow adds so much to a landscape.

Mostly because it replaces 'the green'.

The snow unifies sky and land.

You can see the ditch has a...

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Memory Lane: A Snow Painting

Apr 12, 2015

Happy Memories about this last winter.

Just the other day, driving in the car while the trees shed their spring flowers it looked like Autumn...

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Evening Beach and Horse

Mar 26, 2015

This one was painted a few weeks ago, on a Sunday.  

I count these into the lucky days, where painting comes most natural, having the least...

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Painting Lit Waves

Mar 21, 2015

Happy Spring Everybody!


I Celebrate the Season of Spring and the Return of the Clouds and Cows!

When you're just starting to paint the...

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Creamy Clouds

Mar 17, 2015

This is 'Creamy Clouds'.

I loved being back there at the beach. Though the Storm was 8 Bft.

I think using the brush and palette knife is a good...

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Snow and Evening

Mar 02, 2015

I did not send a newsletter out this weekend.. next weekend I will again. (I might :) ) Sometimes there's just nothing to say. I once listened to a...

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Bigger pleinair - Snow Painting

Feb 27, 2015

Big Snow Painting.

A favorite spot. I thought to try a bigger size, this is 50x60 cm (20" x 23,5").

Seems today any chance of snow in...

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Painting a Dutch Landscape in Winter

Feb 23, 2015

Dutch Landscape.

Winter, Snow, Windmill in the Early Morning.

Those Snowy days lasted a short week. Yes, it melted but in the night there...

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New Snow: Lucky Days

Feb 20, 2015

New Snow at Windmill Spot.

Wheew! imagine my happiness. And how lucky to get there so early. This is a moment before the sunrise. Such awesome...

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Painting Snow

Feb 18, 2015

Painting Snow and Willows in the late afternoon light.

Here you see the same willows from the other side. Sometimes you'll just have to keep...

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