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Paintings in Oils by Roos Schuring.
Plein air painting, Images & Videos, Enjoy!


Clouds, Orange Light & Kite

Sep 14, 2023

Choose good times.

I was hooked on the clouds and unexpected light plays at sunset, so I went there often, in bad weather weeks, where most...

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The Greatest Show In the World

Sep 01, 2023

Outside and in nature.

A fun day, and wet, rain did pour at the end of the session, but when your painting is already covered in paint, the rain...

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Seascape Magic Sparks

Aug 22, 2023

Study Light.

The sparklings on the water or ocean got a special place in my heart since I heard an astrologer speaking of Salacia, goddess of this...

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Calm Summer Sunset

Aug 15, 2023

Steps I Take.

Below are the steps I take in painting a sunset.
This painting's full process can be found in the 'Sunset at the Beach' course, and...

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White Parasol

Aug 10, 2023

Depth & Darks.

The further out the more the values come together.

(Or) To say in other words, 'the lesser' the contrasts get. Whether it's water...

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Twinkling Before Sunset

Aug 07, 2023

Drawers in a cabinet.

I think an outdoor painter has specific fascinations, these are probably personal and connected to the painter's...

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Summer Colors

Jul 30, 2023

'The Blue Problem'

It's fun to develop. Seeing my work from years ago compared to now: (for example) you can see I found my solutions to the 'blue...

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Impression Summer Beach

Jul 25, 2023

An endless Summer.

During these weeks and subject you can't get enough of it and you do think it will all last and last. But it never does :) So I...

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Sunset - There's The Red One

Jul 17, 2023

Will it be red?

Often you'll visit the beach to paint the sunset and you really start too early.
When the sun sets in red (and of course, it...

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Parasol Day

Jul 15, 2023

A view higher up.

These weeks would feel so great. I am always most happy having a 'project' for myself: a fixed place where to paint and what...

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